Frequently Asked Questions

When I register for a class, am I guaranteed to get into that program?

Unfortunately, we do have a seat limit in our classes and our programs are very competitive. To give yourself the best chance to be accepted into our programs, students will need to focus on grades, attendance, and discipline. Also, during registration, students are asked to list their top three course selections. Our goal is to place you into your first selection, but if that section has been filled, we will attempt to place you into your second or third option. Remember, after completing a course, you can request a program change to get into your first selection.

If I signup to take a course at the Career Center, will I still get to see my friends back at my high school?

Absolutely! Almost all of our programs are designed that you spend half of a day for one semester at the Career Center and the rest of the day at your high school. Below is an example schedule of how the Career Center fits with your other classes. You will eat lunch at your home high school.

I've heard that a Career Center course can be used to fill the foreign language requirement, is this true?

Yes and no.

Yes: If you are planning to attend a two-year technical college, such as Tri-County Tech or Greenville Tech, or go straight into the workforce, successfully completing a Career Center course can be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement to graduate high school.

No: If you are planning to go straight into a four-year college or university, you still need to meet their foreign language requirements. Many schools will require 2-3 credits of the same foreign language. Now, of course, you can still take courses at the Career Center, which may give you a leg up on other students since courses here will help build your resume and showcase how you are an all around well-rounded students.

Who attends the Pickens County Career & Technology Center?

We serve students from all four high schools in Pickens County:

  • Daniel High School

  • Easley High School

  • Liberty High School

  • Pickens High School

During the 2022-2023 school year, we also serve students from four of our five middle schools:

  • Dacusville Middle School

  • Edwards Middle School

  • Liberty Middle School

  • Pickens Middle School