Summer Career Exploration Experience

Ready to Select your Summer program?

The request period for the Summer Career Exploration Experience is closed at this time.

There are a very limited number of seats available in the following programs:

1-Week Programs - June 14-17


2-Week Programs - June 14-24

EMT & Sports Medicine


Please contact Mr. Lazear ( if you are interested in signing up for one of the classes above. Thanks!

The Summer Career Exploration Experience is designed for current 6th & 7th grade students.

Some FAQ's about the Summer Career Exploration Experience:

  • Who is this program geared towards?

    • Rising 7th & 8th grade students who are curious in a particular subject area.

  • How long is the summer program?

    • The Summer Career Exploration Experience is a two week program that allows students to get an overview of what that Program of Study has to offer.

  • How much does the summer program cost?

    • This program is completely free for students!

  • When will the program meet this summer?

    • Classes will be held Monday-Thursday, June 14-24, and run 9:00am - 2:00pm.

    • Lunch will be provided.

  • Will the student earn a credit for this program?

    • No. The goal of this program is to allow students to explore a career that they are interested in and not have to stress over a grade.

  • Why is the program only two weeks long?

    • With the new calendar, we wanted to respect everyone’s time this summer. We know that this is a short summer compared to previous years and it is important to build in time to recharge your batteries before August.

  • How will students get to the Career Center?

    • Students have two choices for transportation:

        • they can get on a shuttle bus from their home middle school

        • they may be picked up and dropped off as car riders

    • In the event that we need to conduct any student tracing, we will reach out to parents for their transportation selection.

  • Will COVID protocols be expected?

    • Yes. At this moment, we will continue to follow COVID protocols laid out by the district.

  • What programs will be offered?

    • We are focusing on five main areas: Applied STEM, Business & Leadership, Commercial Arts, Construction & Agriculture, and Health Care & First Responders. Students will be able to select a specific program within each of these area. Students will be able to select from the following programs:

  • Health Care & First Responders

    • Health Science / Nursing

    • EMT & Sports Medicine

    • Firefighting & Law Enforcement

    • Biomedical Science / Forensics

  • Applied STEM

    • Engineering

    • Machining

    • Robotics

    • Automotive

  • Agriculture

    • Agriculture - 1 week program (June 14-17)

  • Business & Leadership

    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Business Leadership & Problem Solving

  • Commercial Arts

    • Digital Arts & Photography

    • Culinary Arts

    • Makeup & Nails