Biomedical Innovations


Quarter course (1 unit)

Prerequisites: Completion or enrolled in Honors Chemistry/Honors Algebra 2, completion of Principles of Biomedical Sciences, Human Body Systems, and Medical Intervention with at least a ‘B’ average in each course listed.

This course is the capstone course for Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences curriculum. In this course students will design and conduct experiments related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or illness. They will apply their knowledge and skills to answer questions or to solve problems related to the biomedical sciences. They may work with a mentor or advisor from a university, hospital, physician’s office, or industry as they complete their work. Students will provide their own transportation for their independent research project. Students will be expected to present the results of their work to an adult audience, which may include representatives from the local healthcare or business community or the school’s PLTW partnership team. To be eligible for college credit a student will have to have at least a B average in the course. College credit will have a cost dependent upon the college that the student chooses to award the credit.

There is a $40.00 fee for this course (which will include the cost of the BLS certification card).