Health Science 1


Quarter Course (1 unit) 

General Requirements – This course is recommended for students in grades 9 or 10. Biology is recommended as a pre or corequisite. Students should have an interest in learning about all facets of healthcare. To advance to Health Science 2, it is required that students should have a 75 score or higher in Health Science 1. 

Health Science 1 is the first of four courses offered to students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. During this first course students are introduced to healthcare history, careers, law and ethics, cultural diversity, healthcare language and math, infection control, professionalism, communication, basics of the organization of healthcare facilities, and types of healthcare insurance. Students get a good grasp of where healthcare has been, where it’s going and how professionalism and personal characteristics impact their success. Students will be introduced to “Standard Precautions” and learn about confidentiality through HIPPA. As students are guided through healthcare career exploration, they will discuss education levels, and requirements needed to be successful. Students will participate in a career project, and will hear from guest speakers in the healthcare field. Students will learn first-aid procedures. The skills and knowledge that students learn in Health Science 1 serve to prepare them for future clinical experiences such as job shadowing or internships as they advance in the Health Science courses. 

Students may earn certification in the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver First Aid Course, including CPR and the use of an AED. 

COST: Supply Fee - $30.00

Optional Cost: HOSA Membership - $35.00