Health Science 3


Semester Course (1 unit)

Prerequisite: A grade of 75 or higher in all previous Health Science classes is required.

Health Science 3 acquaints students with basic anatomy and physiology of the human body. Students learn how the human body is structured and the function of each of the 12 body systems. Students will study the relationship that body systems have with disease from the healthcare point of view. This is a very “hands on” course and students will learn through projects and activities in the classroom. Skill procedures and foundation standards are reviewed and integrated throughout the program. Students will job shadow at local healthcare facilities. This course does not count as a lab science.

This is the 3rd course in a 4 course sequence for Health Science.


  • Students are recommended to be First Aid and CPR certified prior to this course. Students should be familiar with general medical terminology as well as technical skills associated with vital signs. (Skills learned in HS2).

  • Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from job shadowing and purchasing appropriate scrubs.

  • Students are also responsible for any vaccines or blood tests required by the healthcare facility.

COST: Supply fee - $30.00 plus the additional cost of scrubs, Flu vaccine, and a two-step PPD test.